Food Testing

We offer a wide range of food testing services including sampling, lab testing, surface checks, thermometer and equipment verification, frying oil checks and, separately, consulting based on lab results.

NSF International’s Food Testing Labs

NSF provides food testing in Europe through several accredited laboratories in different fields of expertise. We also use external accredited laboratories, depending on the specific analysis purposes and the geographical footprint or national accreditation requirements.

Aside from routine microbiological analysis, NSF also has capabilities to provide DNA analysis, chemical analysis, equipment analysis and so on.

Consulting Based on Lab Results

To help you get the most value out of the analyses, we offer different levels of consultancy to optimize the value of a testing programme.

Our experts can help you develop an analysis plan that complies with regulations and uses criteria defined in national and European food legislation and directives. We also have  expertise in Legionella verification services for the hotel and leisure sectors.

We can also interpret the test results and the probable causes, and translate your lab reports into concrete improvement actions.  In case of lab results exceeding the legal limits, we can handle notifying authorities and advise on possible recalls or other actions needed to secure public health.

We can also act as an intermediate spokesperson or expert to assist you in your interactions with the authorities such as national food safety agencies, departments of public health or other governmental bodies to facilitate the process and mitigate any damage caused by deviating lab reports.

Nationwide Sampling and Testing

Through our extensive network of NSF and vendor labs, we can provide many microbiological, chemical or DNA testing services, including shelf-life studies and challenge tests.

Surface Checks – Hygiene Performance

Each month, our audit team collects thousands of surface samples which we analyse in-house. Using dip slides has shown to be an effective and cost-efficient way of checking the hygienic conditions in a kitchen or production facility. We can present you with surface check results within three days of sampling. This sampling and testing methodology only has an indicator value, and is used to take immediate action in terms of cleaning and disinfection or dishwashing performance.

We can also conduct swab tests and deliver them for thorough analysis to our selected laboratories.

Thermometer Verifications

During our audits, we include thermometer verifications to check if your measuring equipment is compliant whether it needs adjustment or replacement.

Frying Oil Quality Checks and Equipment Verification

In kitchens and restaurant chains, we can verify the quality and temperature compliance of frying oil, using calibrated professional measuring equipment. We can also calibrate your own oil quality measuring equipment (only specific models) and adjust or calibrate them for proper and compliant use within your CCP surveillance activities.

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