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Ruth Steinholtz

Managing Partner, AretéWork LLP

Ruth Steinholtz Ruth Steinholtz established AretéWork in 2011 to further her mission of making a difference in the world of business ethics and by doing so to play a modest role in stopping corruption and its widespread and devastating consequences. The usual compliance focused approaches have failed to create ethical companies committed to doing the right thing and Ruth believes there is a better way, based on values.

Ruth has continued the work she began while General Counsel of Borealis AG championing a values-based approach and has since helped organizations shift their focus towards building a strong ethical culture while improving the compliance tools that are required by law. Her mantra is “ethics is everyone’s responsibility” and this underpins all aspects of her work, seeking to engage as many people as possible in creating and maintaining the norms and institutions that allow people to bring ethics and integrity to work, all the time, everywhere, and not just on posters on conference room walls.